When you think that a website is basically a store front that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then a website becomes the most viable implementation for your business. By having an online presence, customers can view products, services, and other content from your website from the comfort of their own homes whenever they want. By doing this, you empower your customers and maximise the marketing potential for future ones. No matter the nature of your business, a website will help your company grow and make money on the web for you.

YES! We develop all our websites to be Google-friendly, and we will even submit your website to Google once your website is ready to go live just to let them know about your new website.

Yes, we will provide you with a spreadsheet template to fill in once you have ordered your website.

We can write the website text/content for you for a small fee of £30 per 500 words. Simply speak to a member of our team when placing an order. We can write 1 page of content or all of it. The choice is yours.

Your website will be 100% secure and encrypted with an SSL security to ensure customer safety. To find out how to comply with Data Protection and the new GDPR laws, please check our policies.

You would need to supply your own images/photos. Please ensure you have permission to use any images/photos you provide us with. Alternatively, when ordering your website, simply purchase our Photo Pack Website Extra, and we will carefully choose relevant, high-resolution photos for your Website. If you opt for our Photo Pack Website Extra, then any photos we use for your website will be copyright-free and in high-resolution. We source all of our photos for customers websites from Adobe Stock, as we are Adobe Certified.

Yes, after a website development is completed, we hand over all the code in an electronic file, if requested.

You can do this easily by purchasing our Custom Contact Forms Website Extra. Custom Contact Forms can be customised to gather any information you want to collect from customers, including text, text area, files, email addresses and telephone numbers. You can have different custom contact forms on each page of your website to gather the required information for that particular page.

Yes, we can create email accounts for you, ending with your websites domain name so you have a professional looking email account for your business. This will require creating backend services for you. We can provide you cost effective services that you can choose from.

SEO is the ability to make your website appear on search engines under more relevant searches. If your SEO is done correctly, you will appear higher up the list under the search results and are more likely to gain traffic to your site. Ultimately, this leads to more people buying your product or service.

Google AdWords is a way of getting people to see your site under relevant search keywords, but you don’t pay to be advertised; rather, you pay when a customer clicks your ad, meaning that you only pay when a customer views your site.

It varies depending on your website’s requirements. We use the popular open-source content management systems like WordPress. If your requirements are specific and tailor-made, we can create bespoke content management systems as well.